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Clinical Epidemiology

ISSN: 1179-1349

Archive: Volume 3, 2011

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease prevalence in Lebanon: a cross-sectional descriptive study

Waked M, Khayat G, Salameh P

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:315-323

Published Date: 23 November 2011

Incidence and risk factors of suicide reattempts within 1 year after psychiatric hospital discharge in mood disorder patients

Ruengorn C, Sanichwankul K, Niwatananun W, Mahatnirunkul S, Pumpaisalchai W, Patumanond J

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:305-313

Published Date: 22 November 2011

Recent trends in the characteristics and prognosis of patients hospitalized with acute heart failure

Park D, McManus D, Darling C, Goldberg JH, Gore JM, Lessard D, Goldberg RJ

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:295-303

Published Date: 22 November 2011

Hip fracture history and risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer: a Danish population-based study

Lamberg AL, Olesen AB, Jensen AØ

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:285-293

Published Date: 17 November 2011

Characteristics of Dutch and Swiss primary care COPD patients - baseline data of the ICE COLD ERIC study

Siebeling L, Puhan MA, Muggensturm P, Zoller M, ter Riet G

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:273-283

Published Date: 12 October 2011

Use of electronic medical records (EMR) for oncology outcomes research: assessing the comparability of EMR information to patient registry and health claims data

Lau EC, Mowat FS, Kelsh MA, Legg JC, Engel-Nitz NM, Watson HN, Collins HL, Nordyke RJ, Whyte JL

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:259-272

Published Date: 11 October 2011

Perfluoroalkyl chemicals and elevated serum uric acid in US adults

Shankar A, Xiao J, Ducatman A

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:251-258

Published Date: 30 September 2011

Respiratory syncytial virus hospitalization trends in infants with chronic lung disease of infancy, 1998–2008

Groothuis JR, Fryzek JP, Makari D, Steffey D, Martone WJ

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:245-250

Published Date: 29 September 2011

Diagnostic value of an immunochromatographic test over clinical predictors for tuberculosis in HIV patients

Nanta S, Kantipong P, Pathipvanich P, Ruengorn C, Tawichasri C, Patumanond J

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:237-244

Published Date: 12 September 2011

Physical activity and mortality among Norwegian women – the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study

Borch KB, Braaten T, Lund E, Weiderpass E

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:229-235

Published Date: 29 July 2011

Head and neck cancer in HIV patients and their parents: a Danish cohort study

Engsig FN, Gerstoft J, Kronborg G, Larsen CS, Pedersen G, Pedersen C, Obel N

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:217-227

Published Date: 21 July 2011

Management of acute rhinosinusitis in Danish general practice: a survey

Hansen JG

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:213-216

Published Date: 6 July 2011

Comparison of Charlson comorbidity index with SAPS and APACHE scores for prediction of mortality following intensive care

Christensen S, Johansen M, Christiansen CF, Jensen R, Lemeshow S

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:203-211

Published Date: 17 June 2011

Multiple treatment comparison meta-analyses: a step forward into complexity

Mills E, Bansback N, Ghement I, Thorlund K, Kelly S, Puhan M, Wright J

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:193-202

Published Date: 27 May 2011

Epidemiology and treatment approaches in management of invasive fungal infections

Kriengkauykiat J, Ito JI, Dadwal SS

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:175-191

Published Date: 19 May 2011

Letter to the editor

Zühlke LJ, Engel ME

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:171-173

Published Date: 18 May 2011

Use of prescribed drugs among primiparous women: an 11-year population-based study in Denmark

Bjørn AM, Nørgaard M, Hundborg HH, Nohr EA, Ehrenstein V

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:149-156

Published Date: 2 May 2011


Agergaard P, Hebert A, Bjerre J, Sørensen KM, Olesen C, Østergaard JR

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:131-132

Published Date: 5 April 2011

Pharmacotherapies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a multiple treatment comparison meta-analysis

Mills EJ, Druyts E, Ghement I, Puhan MA

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:107-129

Published Date: 28 March 2011

Breast cancer associated with primary hyperparathyroidism: A nested case control study

Norenstedt S, Granath F, Ekbom A, Bergh J, Lambe M,  Adolfsson J, Warnberg F,  Zedenius J, Nilsson I-L

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:103-106

Published Date: 25 March 2011

Positive predictive value of the ICD-10 hospital diagnosis of pleural empyema in the Danish National Registry of Patients

Mette Søgaard, Jette Brommann Kornum, Henrik Carl Schønheyder, et al

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:85-89

Published Date: 23 February 2011

The worldwide epidemiology of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Michael D Seckeler, Tracey R Hoke

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:67-84

Published Date: 22 February 2011

Subgroup analysis of large trials can guide further research: a case study of vitamin E and pneumonia

Harri Hemilä, Jaakko Kaprio

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:51-59

Published Date: 15 February 2011

Drug use during pregnancy in Sweden – assessed by the Prescribed Drug Register and the Medical Birth Register

Olof Stephansson, Fredrik Granath, Tobias Svensson, et al

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:43-50

Published Date: 1 February 2011

Change in the prevalence of obesity and use of health care in Denmark: an observational study

Cathrine Wildenschild, Mette Kjøller, Svend Sabroe, et al

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:31-41

Published Date: 27 January 2011

Tuberculosis mortality in HIV-infected individuals: a cross-national systematic assessment

Christopher Au-Yeung, Steve Kanters, Erin Ding, et al

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:21-29

Published Date: 19 January 2011

Anemia and 90-day mortality in COPD patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation

Lone Rasmussen, Steffen Christensen, Poul Lenler-Petersen, et al

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:1-5

Published Date: 17 December 2010