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Papers published by Dr Saddam Al Demour:

Can We Predict the Grade of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma from Houns-Field Unit of Renal Lesion on Computerized Tomography Scan, a Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study

Al-Zubi M, Al-Shami K, Sawalha L, Alguzo HM, Al Demour S, Al-Mnayyis AM, Alazab R, Al-Rawashdah SF, Alzoubi LT, Al-khawaldeh SR

International Journal of General Medicine 2024, 17:1571-1577

Published Date: 23 April 2024

Knowledge, Practice, and Attitude Toward COVID-19 Among Physicians in Jordan and Palestine: Cross-Sectional Study

Al Demour S, Ababneh MA, Al-Taher RN, Alrabadi AF, Jaradat AF, Abushamma FA, Al-Hadidi FA, Al-Rawashdeh BM, Ihmeidan MA, Abubaker AK, Al-Zubi MT

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:77-87

Published Date: 13 January 2021

Knowledge, awareness, and attitudes about research ethics committees and informed consent among resident doctors

Al Demour S, Alzoubi KH, Alabsi A, Al Abdallat S, Alzayed A

International Journal of General Medicine 2019, 12:141-145

Published Date: 10 April 2019