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Papers published by Dr Nohr:

Risk of miscarriage among users of corticosteroid hormones: a population-based nested case-control study

Bjørn AM, Nielsen RB, Nørgaard M, Nohr EA, Ehrenstein V

Clinical Epidemiology 2013, 5:287-294

Published Date: 14 August 2013

Nonparticipation in a Danish cohort study of long-term sickness absence

Pedersen P, Nohr EA, Søgaard HJ

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2012, 5:223-229

Published Date: 14 September 2012

Use of prescribed drugs among primiparous women: an 11-year population-based study in Denmark

Bjørn AM, Nørgaard M, Hundborg HH, Nohr EA, Ehrenstein V

Clinical Epidemiology 2011, 3:149-156

Published Date: 2 May 2011