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Papers published by Professor Erik Thorlund Parner:

Early treatment with talk therapy or antidepressants in severely bereaved people and risk of suicidal behavior and psychiatric illness: an instrumental variable analysis

Fenger-Grøn M, Kjaersgaard MIS, Parner ET, Guldin MB, Vedsted P, Vestergaard M

Clinical Epidemiology 2018, 10:1013-1026

Published Date: 24 August 2018

Algorithm linking patients and general practices in Denmark using the Danish National Health Service Register

Kjaersgaard MIS, Vedsted P, Parner ET, Bech BH, Vestergaard M, Flarup KR, Fenger-Grøn M

Clinical Epidemiology 2016, 8:273-283

Published Date: 9 August 2016

Adverse pregnancy outcomes after exposure to methylphenidate or atomoxetine during pregnancy

Bro SP, Kjaersgaard MIS, Parner ET, Sørensen MJ, Olsen J, Bech BH, Pedersen LH, Christensen J, Vestergaard M

Clinical Epidemiology 2015, 7:139-147

Published Date: 29 January 2015