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Papers published by Dr Christian Veauthier:

The first night effect in multiple sclerosis patients undergoing home-based polysomnography

Veauthier C, Piper SK, Gaede G, Penzel T, Paul F

Nature and Science of Sleep 2018, 10:337-344

Published Date: 23 October 2018

Subjective sleep complaints indicate objective sleep problems in psychosomatic patients: a prospective polysomnographic study

Linden M, Dietz M, Veauthier C, Fietze I

Nature and Science of Sleep 2016, 8:291-295

Published Date: 11 August 2016

Periodic limb movements during REM sleep in multiple sclerosis: a previously undescribed entity

Veauthier C, Gaede G, Radbruch H, Sieb JP, Wernecke KD, Paul F

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2015, 11:2323-2329

Published Date: 9 September 2015