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Papers published by Drs Luciana Rago:

Radiation Recall Pneumonitis COVID-19 Infection Induced After Adjuvant Breast Cancer Radiotherapy. A Known Phenomenon in an Unknown Pandemic Disease: A Case Report

Lazzari G, Giua R, Verdolino E, Solazzo AP, Benevento I, Montagna A, Castaldo G, Rago L, Silvano G

Cancer Management and Research 2022, 14:2299-2304

Published Date: 3 August 2022

Atypical Mature T-Cell Neoplasms: The Relevance of the Role of Flow Cytometry

Statuto T, D'Auria F, Del Vecchio L, Mansueto GR, Villani O, Lalinga AV, Possidente L, Nozza F, Vona G, Rago L, Storto G, Gasparini VR, Zambello R, D'Arena G, Valvano L

OncoTargets and Therapy 2020, 13:7605-7614

Published Date: 3 August 2020