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Local and Regional Anesthesia

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Stefan Wirz

Local and Regional Anesthesia is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing on the development, pharmacology, delivery, targeting, and clinical use of local and regional anesthetics and analgesics. In particular, emphasis will be given to:

  • Pharmacology and clinical use of local and regional anesthetics
  • Administration techniques and kits including use of ultrasound to guide anesthetic delivery
  • Formulation studies and development
  • Local analgesics - development, delivery, pharmacology and clinical use
  • Innovative developments in pain control and regional blocks
  • Ambulatory Anesthesia
  • Safety, Organisation
  • Patient satisfaction and preference
  • Health economic evaluations

The journal welcomes papers covering original research, basic science, clinical studies, reviews & evaluations, guidelines, educational articles, expert opinion and commentary, case reports and extended reports.

Local and Regional Anesthesia will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication.  


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