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Journal of Pain Research

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Michael Schatman

Journal of Pain Research is an international, open access journal that focuses on concise rapid reporting of high-quality laboratory and clinical findings in all fields of pain research and the prevention and management of pain.

Specific topics covered by the journal include:
• Basic and applied pain research
• Multidisciplinary pain research
• Neuromodulation
• Palliative care and pain management
• Behavioral management of pain
• Drug studies
• Opioids
• Genetics in pain
• Pain mechanisms
• Ethical decision making

Original research, reviews, symposium reports, hypothesis formation, study protocols and commentaries are all considered for publication. Case reports will be considered only if they make a valuable and original contribution to the literature.

All meta-analyses require a pre-submission check prior to submitting to the Journal of Pain Research. Please complete the pre-submission check form here.

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