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HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care

ISSN: 1179-1373

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Ogunrin

HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care is an  international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on advances in research in HIV, its clinical progression and management options including antiviral treatment, palliative care and public healthcare policies to control viral spread. Specific topics covered in the journal include:

  • Epidemiology of HIV spread and resistance
  • Diagnostics, early detection and monitoring
  • Identification of viral targets
  • Development of agents with novel mechanisms of action
  • Optimal clinical use of existing antivirals, including combination therapies
  • Vaccine development
  • Management and treatment of associated disorders in AIDS patients including palliative care
  • Patient adherence, quality of life, satisfaction
  • Consumer and patient education and health literacy programs
  • Health economics and public health policy

The journal welcomes submitted papers covering original research, basic science, clinical and epidemiological studies, reviews and evaluations, guidelines, expert opinion and commentary, case reports and extended reports.

HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication.  

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