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RETRACTED ARTICLE: The Down-Regulation of TrkB Alleviates the Malignant Biological Behavior and Cancer Stem-Like Property of Laryngeal Cancer

Authors Hu X, Zou W, Liu D, Qin G, Jiang L

Received 8 May 2020

Accepted for publication 20 July 2020

Published 5 August 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 6865—6875


Checked for plagiarism Yes

Review by Single anonymous peer review

Peer reviewer comments 2

Editor who approved publication: Professor Rudolph Navari

This paper has been retracted.

Hu X, Zou W, Liu D, Qin G, Jiang L. Cancer Manag Res. 2020;12:6865–6875.

We, the Editor and Publisher of the journal Cancer Management and Research have retracted the published article.

Following publication of the article, concerns were raised about the duplication of images from Figures 1, 3 and 4 with images from unrelated articles. Specifically,

  • Images for Figure 1E and 1F have been duplicated with images for Figure 1B from Wang R, Zhu X, Wang Q, Li X, Wang E, Zhao Q, Wang Q, Cao H. The anti-tumor effect of taxifolin on lung cancer via suppressing stemness and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in vitro and oncogenesis in nude mice. Ann Transl Med. 2020;8(9):590.; Figure 1C from Sun R, Zhai R, Ma C, Miao W. Combination of aloin and metformin enhances the antitumor effect by inhibiting the growth and invasion and inducing apoptosis and autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma through PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway. Cancer Med. 2020;9:1141–1151.; Figure 1B from Ma Y, Xue H, Wang W, Yuan Y, Liang F. The miR-567/RPL15/TGF-β/Smad axis inhibits the stem-like properties and chemo-resistance of gastric cancer cells. Transl Cancer Res. 2020;9(5):3539-3549.; Figure 2A from Wei M, Wu Y, Liu H, Xie C. Genipin Induces Autophagy and Suppresses Cell Growth of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma via PI3K/AKT/MTOR Pathway. Drug Des Devel Ther. 2020;14:395-405. and Figure 5H from Zhang KQ, Chu XD. GANT61 plays antitumor effects by inducing oxidative stress through miRNA-1286/RAB31 axis in osteosarcoma. Cell Biol Int. 2021;45:61–73.
  • Images for Figure 3H and 3I have been duplicated with images for Figure 1C from Sun R, et al (2020); Figure 2A from Lei K, Ma B, Shi P, Jin C, Ling T, Li L, He X, Wang L. Icariin Mitigates the Growth and Invasion Ability of Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma via Inhibiting Toll-Like Receptor 4 and Phosphorylation of NF-κB P65. Onco Targets Ther. 2020;13:299-307.; Figure 2B from Chen X, Yang X, Mu J, Yue C. Ligustrazine inhibits the viability and motility of colon cancer cells. Transl Cancer Res. 2020;9(5):3203-3213.; Figure 2C from Guo X, Li H, Zhang M, Li R. LncRNA GAS6 antisense RNA 1 facilitates the tumorigenesis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma by regulating the AMP‑activated protein kinase/mTOR signaling pathway. Oncology Letters. 2021;22:727. [RETRACTED] and Figure 5b from Liang JH, Xu QD, Gu SG. LncRNA RSU1P2-microRNA let-7a-Testis-Expressed Protein 10 axis modulates tumorigenesis and cancer stem cell-like properties in liver cancer. Bioengineered. 2022;13(2):4285–4300.
  • Images for Figure 4A have been duplicated with images for Figures 6A and 6B for Hong H, Sui C, Qian T, Xu X, Zhu X, Fei Q, Yang J, Xu M. Long noncoding RNA LINC00460 conduces to tumor growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma through miR-342-3p-dependent AGR2 up-regulation. Aging (Albany NY). 2020;12:10544-10555.
  • In addition, images for Figure 1F, AMC-HN-8, TrkB-shRNA1, have been duplicated with images for Figure 3I, AMC-HN-8, TrkB-shRNA1.

The corresponding author did not respond to our queries and was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for how the images came to be duplicated or provide satisfactory original data for the study. As verifying the validity of published work is core to the integrity of the scholarly record, the Publisher and Editor requested to retract the article and the corresponding author was notified of this.

We have been informed in our decision-making by our editorial policies and COPE guidelines.

The retracted article will remain online to maintain the scholarly record, but it will be digitally watermarked on each page as “Retracted”.

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