Research and Reports in Medicinal Chemistry ceased publishing in July 2016. All articles that have been published in Research and Reports in Medicinal Chemistry will continue to be available on the Dove Press site, and will be securely archived with CLOCKSS.

Article Publishing Charges


Open Access Publication: all manuscripts submitted to Dove Medical Press are assumed to be submitted under the Open Access publishing model. In this publishing model, papers are peer-reviewed in the normal way under editorial control. When a paper is accepted for publication the author is issued with an invoice for payment of an article publishing charge (see payment details below) before their paper can progress any further. Payment of this charge allows Dove Medical Press to recover its editorial and production costs and create a pool of funds that can be used to provide fee waivers for authors from lesser developed countries (see below).

Published papers appear electronically and are freely available from our website. Authors may also use their published .pdf's for any non-commercial use on their personal or non-commercial institution's website.

Upon acceptance for publication a publishing charge will be payable. 


  • Article publishing charge invoiced to the UK are subject to 20% VAT.
  • Owing to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates fees may occasionally be subject to change without notice.

Commercial use: No CC-BY-NC articles from the Dove Medical Press website may be reproduced, in any media or format, or linked to for any commercial purpose (eg. product support, etc) without the prior written consent of Dove Medical Press and payment to Dove Medical Press of an appropriate fee. For further information on commercial use of papers published under a CC-BY-NC license please see sections 4 and 5 here.

Color illustrations: Open Access papers appear electronically. As no printed issues of any Dove journals are produced there are NO additional charges for color illustrations.  

Authors living in developing countries: We encourage our authors to publish their papers with us and don’t wish the cost of article publishing charge to be an insurmountable barrier especially to authors from the low and lower middle income countries. A range of discounts or waivers are offered to authors who are unable to pay our article publishing charges. These are dependent on current availability of funds for fee waivers. We use the World Bank Country Classification table to identify:

  • Low income countries. Contact authors whose primary affiliation is in these countries will be eligible for up to a 100% waiver of the standard article publishing charge;
  • Lower middle income. Contact authors whose primary affiliation is in these countries will be eligible for a 50% waiver of the standard article publishing charge.

Discretionary waivers
We will consider requests for discretionary APC waivers by researchers who aren’t eligible for the above. You can request a discretionary waiver prior to submitting your manuscript here.

Please include supporting evidence for why a waiver would be necessary in your circumstances. Your request should include details of:

  • The affiliation and country of residence of all authors.
  • Details of where the research was conducted.
  • Confirmation of all research grant funding received.

If you have already accepted a discounted price offered to you at the time of submission please be aware that this is the maximum discount and we are unable to help you further. 

Authors who receive the support of, or are employed by, a commercial organization (e.g. pharmaceutical company) will not be liable to receive this discounted price. They will be asked to pay the full advertised price in effect at the time of submission.

Discounts may not be combined and where multiple discounts are available the one most favorable to the author will apply.

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