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Crosstalk in multidisciplinary approaches for evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) provides care to patients using the appropriate use of the best available evidence. EBM has increased due to the advancement of clinical measurements, research design, and efficient data analysis techniques. A multidisciplinary approach and the capacity of available evidence have made EBM more reliable than ever. The current development's objective is to achieve high-quality clinical research in the field of clinical decision-making. Now EBM is laced with new clinician skills that provide the edge in collecting vital information about patients' diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, clinical trial studies, and healthcare issues. Therefore, crosstalk in EBM with interdisciplinary consideration has become essential to better understand and serve patients and our society. Certainly, crosstalk on EBM in a multidisciplinary approach will provide options for treatments, medications, harmful side effects, and any potential risks involved.