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ImmunoTargets and Therapy

ISSN: 2253-1556

Archive: Volume 1, 2012

T-cell activation is enhanced by targeting IL-10 cytokine production in toll-like receptor- stimulated macrophages

Walk RM, Elliot ST, Blanco FC, Snyder JA, Jacobi AM, Rose SD, Behlke MA, Salem AK, Vukmanovic S, Sandler AD

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2012, 1:13-23

Published Date: 23 November 2012

Targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells augments antitumor activity against lung cancer

Srivastava MK, Zhu L, Harris-White M, Huang M, St John M, Lee JM, Salgia R, Cameron RB, Strieter R, Dubinett S, Sharma S

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2012, 1:7-12

Published Date: 12 October 2012

Cancer as an immune-mediated disease

Shurin MR

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2012, 1:1-6

Published Date: 14 June 2012