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Papers published by Dr Jose Maria Pereira De Godoy:

Aminaphtone in the control of gingival bleeding in children

Pereira de Godoy JM, Macedo Paizan ML

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2014, 8:1331-1334

Published Date: 10 September 2014

Treatment of cellulite based on the hypothesis of a novel physiopathology

Pereira de Godoy JM, de Fátima Guerreiro de Godoy M

Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2011, 4:55-59

Published Date: 26 May 2011

Mortality associated with extremity injuries compared with other types of trauma

Sanches JEA, Godoy JMP, Baitello AL, Chueire AG

International Journal of General Medicine 2011, 4:273-275

Published Date: 5 April 2011

Surgical treatment of elephantiasis of the feet in congenital lymphedema to facilitate the use of a compression mechanism

José Maria Pereira de Godoy, Lina MO Azoubel, Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy

International Journal of General Medicine 2010, 3:115-118

Published Date: 5 March 2010