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Papers published by Dr Tra My Pham:

Handling Missing Values in Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Longitudinal Individual-Level Data

Bazo-Alvarez JC, Morris TP, Pham TM, Carpenter JR, Petersen I

Clinical Epidemiology 2020, 12:1045-1057

Published Date: 8 October 2020

Ethnic Differences in the Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Diagnoses in the UK: Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Health Improvement Network Primary Care Database

Pham TM, Carpenter JR, Morris TP, Sharma M, Petersen I

Clinical Epidemiology 2019, 11:1081-1088

Published Date: 31 December 2019

Health indicator recording in UK primary care electronic health records: key implications for handling missing data

Petersen I, Welch CA, Nazareth I, Walters K, Marston L, Morris RW, Carpenter JR, Morris TP, Pham TM

Clinical Epidemiology 2019, 11:157-167

Published Date: 11 February 2019

Trends in dementia diagnosis rates in UK ethnic groups: analysis of UK primary care data

Pham TM, Petersen I, Walters K, Raine R, Manthorpe J, Mukadam N, Cooper C

Clinical Epidemiology 2018, 10:949-960

Published Date: 8 August 2018

Missing data and multiple imputation in clinical epidemiological research

Pedersen AB, Mikkelsen EM, Cronin-Fenton D, Kristensen NR, Pham TM, Pedersen L, Petersen I

Clinical Epidemiology 2017, 9:157-166

Published Date: 15 March 2017