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Papers published by Professor Henriette E Meyer zu Schwabedissen:

Enriching Medication Review with a Pharmacogenetic Profile – A Case of Tamoxifen Adverse Drug Reactions

Jeiziner C, Stäuble CK, Lampert ML, Hersberger KE, Meyer zu Schwabedissen HE

Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine 2021, 14:279-286

Published Date: 19 February 2021

Modulation of expression of the nuclear receptor NR0B2 (small heterodimer partner 1) and its impact on proliferation of renal carcinoma cells

Prestin K, Olbert M, Hussner J, Isenegger TL, Gliesche DG, Böttcher K, Zimmermann U, Meyer zu Schwabedissen HE

OncoTargets and Therapy 2016, 9:4867-4878

Published Date: 8 August 2016