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Papers published by Dr Michael D Tarantino:

Five Challenging Cases of Hereditary Antithrombin Deficiency Characterized by Thrombosis or Complicated Pregnancy

Roberts JC, von Drygalski A, Zhou JY, Rodgers GM, Ansteatt K, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2022, 13:611-618

Published Date: 21 October 2022

A Case Report of COVID-Associated Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome Successfully Treated with Eculizumab

Chidharla A, Syed SB, Chatterjee T, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2021, 12:929-933

Published Date: 30 October 2021

Severe, Refractory Immune Thrombocytopenia Occurring After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

Helms JM, Ansteatt KT, Roberts JC, Kamatam S, Foong KS, Labayog JS, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2021, 12:221-224

Published Date: 6 April 2021

Efficacy of rFVIIIFc versus Emicizumab for the Treatment of Patients with Hemophilia A without Inhibitors: Matching-Adjusted Indirect Comparison of A-LONG and HAVEN Trials

Klamroth R, Wojciechowski P, Aballéa S, Diamand F, Hakimi Z, Nazir J, Abad-Franch L, Lethagen S, Santagostino E, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2021, 12:115-122

Published Date: 25 February 2021

The Need for Comprehensive Care for Persons with Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Ansteatt KT, Unzicker CJ, Hurn ML, Olaiya OO, Nugent DJ, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2020, 11:457-463

Published Date: 17 December 2020

Recognition and management of platelet-refractory bleeding in patients with Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia and other severe platelet function disorders

Chitlur M, Rajpurkar M, Recht M, Tarantino MD, Yee DL, Cooper DL, Gunawardena S

International Journal of General Medicine 2017, 10:95-99

Published Date: 3 April 2017

Romiplostim as a treatment for immune thrombocytopenia: a review

Chalmers S, Tarantino MD

Journal of Blood Medicine 2015, 6:37-44

Published Date: 19 January 2015