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Papers published by Dr Weiguo Lu:

Identification of a Novel Prognostic Classification Model in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer by Cluster Analysis

Chen K, Niu Y, Wang S, Fu Z, Lin H, Lu J, Meng X, Yang B, Zhang H, Wu Y, Xia D, Lu W

Cancer Management and Research 2020, 12:6251-6259

Published Date: 24 July 2020

High-Risk Human Papillomavirus E7 Maintains Stemness Via APH1B In Cervical Cancer Stem-Cell Like Cells

Yang S, Chen T, Huang L, Xu S, Cao Z, Zhang S, Xu J, Li Y, Yue Y, Lu W, Cheng X, Xie X

Cancer Management and Research 2019, 11:9541-9552

Published Date: 12 November 2019

Clinicopathological and biological significance of aberrant activation of glycogen synthase kinase-3 in ovarian cancer

Fu Y, Wang X, Cheng X, Ye F, Xie X, Lu W

OncoTargets and Therapy 2014, 7:1159-1168

Published Date: 25 June 2014