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Papers published by Dr André Ferreira:

Scheimpflug-Based Corneal Biomechanical Analysis As A Predictor of Glaucoma in Eyes With High Myopia

Baptista PML, Ferreira AS, Silva NP, Figueiredo ARM, Sampaio IC, Reis RVF, Ambrósio R Jr, Menéres PMAM, Beirão JNM, Menéres MJFS

Clinical Ophthalmology 2024, 18:545-563

Published Date: 22 February 2024

Modified Technique of Ex-PRESS® Filtration Device Combined with a Scleral Pocket for Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis (hATTR) Secondary Open-Angle Glaucoma

Vieira R, Marta A, Ferreira A, Figueiredo A, Reis RF, Sampaio I, Menéres MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2023, 17:403-411

Published Date: 31 January 2023

Corneal Biomechanics for Ocular Hypertension, Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma, and Amyloidotic Glaucoma: A Comparative Study by Corvis ST

Silva N, Ferreira A, Baptista PM, Figueiredo A, Reis R, Sampaio I, Beirão J, Vinciguerra R, Menéres P, Menéres MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:71-83

Published Date: 8 January 2022

Intrascleral Knotless Zigzag Suture Fixation of Four-Haptic Hydrophilic Acrylic Foldable IOL: Clinical Outcomes

Silva N, Ferreira A, Ferreira N, Pessoa B, Meireles A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:33-41

Published Date: 6 January 2022

Inverted Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Technique: Is It the Best Option for Macular Holes?

Silva N, Ferreira A, Nawrocka (vel Michalewska) ZA, Meireles A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:3295-3303

Published Date: 8 August 2021

The Role of Multimodal Approach in the Assessment of Glaucomatous Damage in High Myopes

Baptista PM, Vieira R, Ferreira A, Figueiredo A, Sampaio I, Reis R, Menéres MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:1061-1071

Published Date: 8 March 2021