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Metalloproteinases In Medicine

Aims and Scope

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Yoshifumi Itoh

Metalloproteinases In Medicine is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal that aims to provide a platform for the discussion and dissemination of knowledge about the role that metalloproteinases – such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), ADAMs, ADAMTSs, and astacins, as well as their inhibitors - play in diseases.  This unique journal will publish original research articles, reviews, methodological progression, clinical studies and expert opinions to highlight current and topical advances in the field of metalloproteinases with special regard to pathogenesis of various diseases and the potential therapeutic possibilities that lie within.

Metalloproteinases In Medicine will no longer consider meta-analyses for publication.

Topics will include:

  • Metalloproteinases; structure, function, biological activity and regulation
  • Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases and other factors and processes that silence metalloproteinase activity
  • Metalloproteinases in diseases, such cancer, nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, respiratory diseases and autoimmune disorders.
  • Metalloproteinases as biomarkers
  • Metalloproteinases as pharmacological targets for treatment of pathological states
  • Technological advances in metalloproteinases research
  • Metalloproteinases; from bench-side to bedside