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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Long Non-Coding RNA CASC19 Sponges microRNA-532 and Promotes Oncogenicity of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Increasing ETS1 Expression

Authors Luo Y, Liu F, Yan C, Qu W, Zhu L, Guo Z, Zhou F, Zhang W

Received 15 December 2019

Accepted for publication 27 February 2020

Published 24 March 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 2195—2207


Checked for plagiarism Yes

Review by Single anonymous peer review

Peer reviewer comments 2

Editor who approved publication: Dr Eileen O'Reilly

This paper has been retracted.

Luo Y, Liu F, Yan C, et al. Cancer Manag Res. 2020;12:2195–2207.

We, the Editor and Publisher of Cancer Management and Therapy are retracting the published article. Since publication, concerns have been raised about the duplication of images in this article with those from other unrelated articles. Specifically,

  • The image from Figure 2D, A498, si-NC, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 4C, C-33A, agomir-NC from Wu F, Sui Y, Wang Y, Xu T, Fan L, Zhu H. Long Noncoding RNA SNHG7, a Molecular Sponge for microRNA-485, Promotes the Aggressive Behavior of Cervical Cancer by Regulating PAK4. Onco Targets Ther. 2020;13:685–699. (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 5C, 786-O, si-NC, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 2D, H460, si-NC from Dai J, Wang B, Zhao Y, et al. RETRACTED ARTICLE: Long Noncoding RNA LINC01426 Sequesters microRNA-519d-5p to Promote Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Progression by Increasing ETS1 Expression. Cancer Manag Res. 2020;12:12697–12708. (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 5C, 786-O, si-CASC19+miR-532 inhibitor, and Figure 6E, 786-O, si-CASC19+pcDNA3.1-ETS1 has been duplicated with the image from Figure 6D, A549, agomiR-NC, and Figure 6E, A549, agomiR-NC, respectively, from Kang X, Kong F, Wu S, et al. microRNA-612 suppresses the malignant development of non-small-cell lung cancer by directly targeting bromodomain-containing protein 4. Onco Targets Ther. 2019;12:4167–4179. (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 5D, 786-O, si-CASC19+NC inhibitor, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 6F, Hep3B, 2, from Yun Z, Meng F, Jiang P, Yue M, Li S. microRNA-548b suppresses aggressive phenotypes of hepatocellular carcinoma by directly targeting high-mobility group box 1 mRNA. Cancer Manag Res. 2019;11:5821–5834. (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 5D, A498, si-NC, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 5D, CAOV-3, miR-control from Li C, Yu S, Wu S, Ni Y, Pan Z. MicroRNA-936 targets FGF2 to inhibit epithelial ovarian cancer aggressiveness by deactivating the PI3K/Akt pathway. Onco Targets Ther. 2019;12:5311–5322. (RETRACTED) and Figure 5d, TPC-1, si-LINC00520+antagomir-577, from Sun Y, Shi T, Ma Y, Qin H, Li K. RETRACTED ARTICLE: Long noncoding RNA LINC00520 accelerates progression of papillary thyroid carcinoma by serving as a competing endogenous RNA of microRNA-577 to increase Sphk2 expression. Cell Cycle. 2020;19(7):787–800. DOI: (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 6D, 786-O, si-CASC19+pcDNA3.1-ETS1, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 4D, Migration, HOS, agomir-760, from Yin R, Liu J, Zhao D, Wang F. Long Non-Coding RNA ASB16-AS1 Functions as a miR-760 Sponge to Facilitate the Malignant Phenotype of Osteosarcoma by Increasing HDGF Expression. Onco Targets Ther. 2020;13:2261–2274. (RETRACTED).
  • The image from Figure 6E, A498, si-NC, has been duplicated with the image from Figure 2D, Eca109, si-NC, from Gao J, Zhang Z, Su H, Zong L, Li Y. Long Noncoding RNA FGD5-AS1 Acts as a Competing Endogenous RNA on microRNA-383 to Enhance the Malignant Characteristics of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Increasing SP1 Expression. Cancer Manag Res. 2020;12:2265–2278. (RETRACTED).

When approached for an explanation, the authors have been unable to address the concerns raised and have not been able to provide sufficient original data from their study. As verifying the validity of published work is core to the integrity of the scholarly record, we are therefore retracting the article. The authors listed in this publication have been informed.

We have been informed in our decision-making by our editorial policies and the COPE guidelines.

The retracted article will remain online to maintain the scholarly record, but it will be digitally watermarked on each page as “Retracted”.

Expression of Concern for this paper has been published.

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