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Local and Regional Anesthesia

Archive: Volume 7, 2014

PDLA a potential new potent topical analgesic: a case report

Goldberg JS

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:59-61

Published Date: 24 October 2014

Factors associated with difficult neuraxial blockade

Ružman T, Gulam D, Haršanji Drenjančević I, Venžera-Azenić D, Ružman N, Burazin J

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:47-52

Published Date: 8 October 2014

Factors influencing the quality of postoperative epidural analgesia: an observational multicenter study

Wranicz P, Andersen H, Nordbø A, Kongsgaard UE

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:39-45

Published Date: 5 August 2014

Intravenous patient-controlled fentanyl with and without transversus abdominis plane block in cirrhotic patients post liver resection

Serag Eldin M, Mahmoud F, El Hassan R, Abdel Raouf M, Afifi MH, Yassen K, Morad W

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:27-37

Published Date: 29 May 2014

Preventive analgesia for postoperative pain control: a broader concept

Vadivelu N, Mitra S, Schermer E, Kodumudi V, Kaye AD, Urman RD

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:17-22

Published Date: 29 April 2014

Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane blocks for patients undergoing laparoscopic hand-assisted nephrectomy: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Aniskevich S, Taner CB, Perry DK, Robards CB, Porter SB, Thomas CS, Logvinov II, Clendenen SR

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:11-16

Published Date: 25 April 2014

Perineural but not systemic low-dose dexamethasone prolongs the duration of interscalene block with ropivacaine: a prospective randomized trial

Kawanishi R, Yamamoto K, Tobetto Y, Nomura K, Kato M, Go R, Tsutsumi YM, Tanaka K, Takeda Y

Local and Regional Anesthesia 2014, 7:5-9

Published Date: 8 April 2014