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Using CdTe/ZnSe Core/Shell Quantum Dots to Detect DNA and Damage to DNA [Corrigendum]

Authors Moulick A , Milosavljevic V, Vlachova J, Podgajny R, Hynek D, Kopel P , Adam V 

Received 9 March 2022

Accepted for publication 9 March 2022

Published 5 April 2022 Volume 2022:17 Pages 1609—1611


Moulick A, Milosavljevic V, Vlachova J, et al. Int J Nanomedicine. 2018;12:1277–1291.

The authors have advised due to an error that occurred inadvertently at the time of figure assembly, the QD+C image in Figure 1E on page 1282 is incorrect.

The correct Figure 1 is as follows.

Figure 1 Optical property analysis and dynamic light scattering (DLS) of the CdTe/ZnSe QDs conjugated with nucleobases.

Abbreviations: QD, quantum dot; QD+A, quantum dot + adenine; QD+C, quantum dot + cytosine; QD+G, quantum dot + guanine; QD+T, quantum dot + thymine; SD, standard deviation; SEM, scanning electron microscopy; UV, ultraviolet.

Notes: (A) and (C) are showing the absorbance and fluorescence spectra of the QDs with or without nucleobases, respectively. (B) The photographs of the samples under visible light (upper panel) and UV light (lower panel). (D) The fluorescence intensities of the QDs after the interaction with the nucleobases of different concentrations. X-axis is showing the final concentration of the nucleobases in the prepared samples. Y-axis is showing the fluorescence intensities of the samples. Data represent the mean ± SD, n=5. P<0.05 (empty triangle), P<0.01 (empty square). (E) and (F) are showing the fluorescence microscopic and SEM images of the QDs with or without the nucleobases, respectively. (G) The DLS measurements of the QDs. Column charts are indicating the size of the QDs with or without the nucleobases.

The authors apologize for this error and any confusion caused and wish to explain the error did not have any impact on the scientific conclusions presented in the paper.

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