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Low-Intensity Continuous Ultrasound for the Symptomatic Treatment of Upper Shoulder and Neck Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial [Corrigendum]

Authors Petterson S, Plancher K, Klyve D, Draper D, Ortiz R

Received 15 July 2020

Accepted for publication 15 July 2020

Published 27 July 2020 Volume 2020:13 Pages 1899—1900


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Petterson S, Plancher K, Klyve D, Draper D, Ortiz R. J Pain Res. 2020;13:1277—1287.

Page 1277, Abstract, Results, second sentence, the text “Participants treated with active therapy observed a significant mean pain reduction from baseline of 2.61 points for active (p<0.001), compared to 1.58 points decrease from baseline for placebo (p=0.087), resulting in a 1.03 points significant decrease in the active group over placebo (p=0.003)” should read “Participants treated with active therapy observed a significant mean pain reduction from baseline of 2.61 points for active (p<0.001), compared to 1.58 points decrease from baseline for placebo (p=0.087), resulting in a 1.03 points significant decrease in the active group over placebo (p=0.009)”.

Page 1281, Results, Pain Change from Baseline section, last sentence, the text “While this could indicate a placebo effect, the difference between groups for change from baseline was significant for all 4 weeks assessed (p<0.001 for weeks 1–3, p=0.003 for week 4), showing a more significant change from baseline for the active LICUS group compared to placebo” should read “While this could indicate a placebo effect, the difference between groups for change from baseline was significant for all 4 weeks assessed (p<0.001 for weeks 1–2, p<0.01 for weeks 3-4), showing a more significant change from baseline for the active LICUS group compared to placebo”.

Page 1282, Table 2 is incorrect. The correct table is shown below.

The authors apologize for these errors and advise they do not affect the results of the paper.

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