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Health Science Students’ Perspective on Quality-of-Care-Relating Medical Professionalism [Corrigendum]

Authors Binh PDU , An PL , Nguyen NA, Nguyen DV, Huynh G , Gomi H, Yoshida M

Received 10 January 2022

Accepted for publication 10 January 2022

Published 28 January 2022 Volume 2022:15 Pages 217—218


Binh PDU, An PL, Nguyen NA, et al. J Multidiscip Healthc. 2021;14:2229–2238.

Table 4 Mean Scores of Professional Attributes Across Academic Years and Between Two Faculties

Page 2231, Data Analysis section, first sentence, the text “Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS Statistics (SPSS Statistics Inc., Chicago, US) version 20.0” should read “Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS Statistics (SPSS Statistics Inc., Chicago, US) version 20.0 and STATA version 16.0”.

Pages 2232 and 2234, Differences in Students’ Perception of Professional Attributes Relating to QOC Between the Two Faculties section, text has been deleted from paragraphs 2 and 3, the text should read as follows:

“In both faculties, the trait Self-Awareness was reported as the most important attribute, the next being Quality of Care and Professional Habit in each year. Social Duty received the lowest mean scores, which made it the least important trait in both faculties almost at all years.

Students’ perception in most attributes did not differ significantly between the two faculties in their clinical years (4th - 6th year). However, significant differences were found in the pre-clinical phase. 2nd year medical students 15significantly assigned higher scores for Self-Awareness and Social Duty over 2nd year TM students (t(356) = −3.12, p=0.002; t(356) = −3.53, p < 0.001).”

Page 2235, errors have been found in Table 4. The correct Table 4 is shown in Download Article.

Page 2236, Discussion section, left column, text has been deleted from paragraph 2, the text should read as follows:

“This is the first study in Vietnam to reveal both Medical and TM students’ perceptions on QOC-relating to professional attributes. No differences were found between the faculties in the order of these 4 attributes, being from the most to the least important, which was Self-Awareness, Ensuring QOC, Professional Habit and Social Duty (Figure 1)”.

Page 2237, Discussion section, paragraph 4, last sentence, the text “Last but not least, Professional Habit referring to collaboration should be emphasized for the junior TM students due to their extreme underestimation of this trait” should read “Last but not least, Professional Habit referring to collaboration should also be emphasized for the TM students due to their underestimation of this trait”.

The authors apologize for these errors and state that these corrections do not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way.

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