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A High Bioavailability and Sustained-Release Nano-Delivery System for Nintedanib Based on Electrospray Technology [Corrigendum]

Authors Liu H, Du K, Li D, Du Y, Xi J, Xu Y, Shen Y, Jiang T, Webster TJ 

Received 31 May 2021

Accepted for publication 31 May 2021

Published 18 June 2021 Volume 2021:16 Pages 4179—4181


Liu H, Du K, Li D, et al. Int J Nanomedicine. 2018;13:8379—8393.


The authors wish to provide an explanation for the duplicated images observed in Figure 3 and Figure 4B, and revise Figures 2 and 3 accordingly (by providing the prescription parameters for each sample).

The dissolution curves shown in Figure 2 and SEM images shown in Figure 3 provide a one-to-one correspondence. For example, the blue curve (0.3 mL/h) in Figure 2A corresponds to the SEM image in Figure 3Ai. The authors can confirm that the dissolution curves shown in Figure 2, for samples sharing the same parameters are the same. For example, the red curve (15 cm) in Figure 2B and the red curve (21 kV) of Figure 2C are the same. These dissolution curves correlate to the SEM images shown in Figure 3Bii and 3Cii, respectively. In order to be more intuitive, the authors have marked the corresponding SEM image shown in Figure 3 to each dissolution curve in Figure 2, as shown below.

In order to provide more clarity to the SEM images shown the authors have also provided the prescription parameters corresponding to each SEM image on the right side of Figure 3. Thus, Figure 3Ai, Figure 3Biii, Figure 3Diii and Figure 4B are the same sample and share the same parameters and SEM image. Figure 3Bii and Figure 3Cii are also the same sample and share the same parameters and SEM image, as shown below.

The authors wish to apologize for any confusion caused.


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