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Core Evidence

Archive: Volume 8, 2013

Sugammadex as a reversal agent for neuromuscular block: an evidence-based review

Schaller SJ, Fink H

Core Evidence 2013, 8:57-67

Published Date: 25 September 2013

Ibrutinib: an evidence-based review of its potential in the treatment of advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Chavez JC, Sahakian E, Pinilla-Ibarz J

Core Evidence 2013, 8:37-45

Published Date: 16 May 2013

Enzalutamide: an evidence-based review of its use in the treatment of prostate cancer

Golshayan AR, Antonarakis ES

Core Evidence 2013, 8:27-35

Published Date: 4 April 2013