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Papers published by Dr Pietro Allegrini:

Potential Clinical Benefits of Quercetin in the Early Stage of COVID-19: Results of a Second, Pilot, Randomized, Controlled and Open-Label Clinical Trial

Di Pierro F, Iqtadar S, Khan A, Ullah Mumtaz S, Masud Chaudhry M, Bertuccioli A, Derosa G, Maffioli P, Togni S, Riva A, Allegrini P, Khan S

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:2807-2816

Published Date: 24 June 2021

Possible Therapeutic Effects of Adjuvant Quercetin Supplementation Against Early-Stage COVID-19 Infection: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, and Open-Label Study

Di Pierro F, Derosa G, Maffioli P, Bertuccioli A, Togni S, Riva A, Allegrini P, Khan A, Khan S, Khan BA, Altaf N, Zahid M, Ujjan ID, Nigar R, Khushk MI, Phulpoto M, Lail A, Devrajani BR, Ahmed S

International Journal of General Medicine 2021, 14:2359-2366

Published Date: 8 June 2021

The Use of a New Food-Grade Lecithin Formulation of Highly Standardized Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Acmella oleracea Extracts for the Treatment of Pain and Inflammation in a Group of Subjects with Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis

Rondanelli M, Riva A, Allegrini P, Faliva MA, Naso M, Peroni G, Nichetti M, Gasparri C, Spadaccini D, Iannello G, Infantino V, Fazia T, Bernardinelli L, Perna S

Journal of Pain Research 2020, 13:761-770

Published Date: 21 April 2020