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Papers published by Dr Nhat-Nam Le-Dong:

Mandibular Movements are a Reliable Noninvasive Alternative to Esophageal Pressure for Measuring Respiratory Effort in Patients with Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Pepin JL, Le-Dong NN, Cuthbert V, Coumans N, Tamisier R, Malhotra A, Martinot JB

Nature and Science of Sleep 2022, 14:635-644

Published Date: 13 April 2022

Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Mandibular Movements Enables Accurate Detection of Phasic Sleep Bruxism in OSA Patients: A Pilot Study

Martinot JB, Le-Dong NN, Cuthbert V, Denison S, Gozal D, Lavigne G, Pépin JL

Nature and Science of Sleep 2021, 13:1449-1459

Published Date: 23 August 2021

Study of nasal exhaled nitric oxide levels in diagnosis of allergic rhinitis in subjects with and without asthma

Duong-Quy S, Vu-Minh T, Hua-Huy T, Tang-Thi-Thao T, Le-Quang K, Tran-Thanh D, Doan-Thi-Quynh N, Le-Dong NN, Craig TJ, Dinh-Xuan AT

Journal of Asthma and Allergy 2017, 10:75-82

Published Date: 22 March 2017