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Papers published by Professor Nanna Brix Finnerup:

Can diabetic polyneuropathy and foot ulcers in patients with type 2 diabetes be accurately identified based on ICD-10 hospital diagnoses and drug prescriptions?

Christensen DH, Knudsen ST, Nicolaisen SK, Andersen H, Callaghan BC, Finnerup NB, Jensen TS, Thomsen RW

Clinical Epidemiology 2019, 11:311-321

Published Date: 1 May 2019

Placebo response in neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury: a meta-analysis of individual participant data

Jutzeler CR, Warner FM, Cragg JJ, Haefeli J, Richards JS, Andresen SR, Finnerup NB, Mercier C, Kramer JLK

Journal of Pain Research 2018, 11:901-912

Published Date: 30 April 2018