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Papers published by Dr Eddie Weitzberg:

Effect of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Sleep in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Wisor JP, Holmedahl NH, Saxvig IW, Fjeldstad OM, Weitzberg E, Grønli J, Engan HK

Nature and Science of Sleep 2021, 13:435-446

Published Date: 25 March 2021

Ultrasound contrast agent loaded with nitric oxide as a theranostic microdevice

Grishenkov D, Gonon A, Weitzberg E, Lundberg JO, Harmark J, Cerroni B, Paradossi G, Janerot-Sjoberg B

Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2015, 9:2409-2419

Published Date: 29 April 2015