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Papers published by Prof. Dr. Ranuccio Nuti:

Bisphosphonates, atherosclerosis and vascular calcification: update and systematic review of clinical studies

Caffarelli C, Montagnani A, Nuti R, Gonnelli S

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2017, 12:1819-1828

Published Date: 30 October 2017

Divergent effects of obesity on fragility fractures

Caffarelli C, Alessi C, Nuti R, Gonnelli S

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2014, 9:1629-1636

Published Date: 24 September 2014

The role of erythropoietin stimulating agents in anemic patients with heart failure: solved and unresolved questions

Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Pellegrini M, De Gori C, Del Castillo G, Giordano N, Nuti R

Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2014, 10:641-650

Published Date: 13 August 2014

Current options for the treatment of Paget’s disease of the bone

Daniela Merlotti, Luigi Gennari, Giuseppe Martini, et al

Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews 2009, 1:107-120

Published Date: 23 July 2009