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Papers published by Dr Davide D'Antini:

Acute abdomen as a consequence of an unusual suicide attempt: intra-abdominal injection of sulfuric acid

Lepore A, D'Antini D, Raimondo P, Mirabella L, Pennisi L, Carrillo G, Cotoia A, Dambrosio M, Cinnella G

International Medical Case Reports Journal 2016, 9:353-356

Published Date: 4 November 2016

Counseling, quality of life, and acute postoperative pain in elderly patients with hip fracture

Gambatesa M, D’Ambrosio A, D’Antini D, Mirabella L, De Capraris A, Iuso S, Bellomo A, Macchiarola A, Dambrosio M, Cinnella G

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2013, 6:335-346

Published Date: 16 September 2013

End-tidal arterial CO2 partial pressure gradient in patients with severe hypercapnia undergoing noninvasive ventilation

Defilippis V, D'Antini D, Cinnella G, Dambrosio M, Schiraldi F, Procacci V

Open Access Emergency Medicine 2013, 5:1-7

Published Date: 20 June 2013