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Papers published by Professor Dominique Cadilhac:

Development of an electronic health message system to support recovery after stroke: Inspiring Virtual Enabled Resources following Vascular Events (iVERVE)

Cadilhac DA, Busingye D, Li JC, Andrew NE, Kilkenny MF, Thrift AG, Thijs V, Hackett ML, Kneebone I, Lannin NA, Stewart A, Dempsey I, Cameron J

Patient Preference and Adherence 2018, 12:1213-1224

Published Date: 11 July 2018

Use of continuous intrathecal baclofen in hereditary spastic paraplegia

Khera J, Andrew NE, Cadilhac DA, Purvis T, Fahey MC, Rawicki HB

Clinical Audit 2015, 7:19-26

Published Date: 15 December 2015

Personalized medicine and stroke prevention: where are we?

Kim J, Thrift AG, Nelson MR, Bladin CF, Cadilhac DA

Vascular Health and Risk Management 2015, 11:601-611

Published Date: 2 December 2015

The relationship between caregiver impacts and the unmet needs of survivors of stroke

Andrew NE, Kilkenny MF, Naylor R, Purvis T, Cadilhac DA

Patient Preference and Adherence 2015, 9:1065-1073

Published Date: 27 July 2015

Implementation of evidence-based stroke care: enablers, barriers, and the role of facilitators

Purvis T, Moss K, Denisenko S, Bladin C, Cadilhac DA

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2014, 7:389-400

Published Date: 15 September 2014

Identification of a reliable subset of process indicators for clinical audit in stroke care: an example from Australia

Dominique A Cadilhac, Monique Kilkenny, Leonid Churilov, et al

Clinical Audit 2010, 2:67-77

Published Date: 7 July 2010

National Stroke Audit: The Australian experience

Dawn Harris, Dominique A Cadilhac, Graeme J Hankey, et al

Clinical Audit 2010, 2:25-31

Published Date: 27 April 2010