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Papers published by Dr Newaj Abdullah:

A Systematic Guideline by the ASPN Workgroup on the Evidence, Education, and Treatment Algorithm for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: SWEET

Sayed D, Deer TR, Hagedorn JM, Sayed A, D'Souza RS, Lam CM, Khatri N, Hussaini Z, Pritzlaff SG, Abdullah NM, Tieppo Francio V, Falowski SM, Ibrahim YM, Malinowski MN, Budwany RR, Strand NH, Sochacki KM, Shah A, Dunn TM, Nasseri M, Lee DW, Kapural L, Bedder MD, Petersen EA, Amirdelfan K, Schatman ME, Grider JS

Journal of Pain Research 2024, 17:1461-1501

Published Date: 13 April 2024

Best Practice Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertebrogenic Pain with Basivertebral Nerve Ablation from the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience

Sayed D, Naidu RK, Patel KV, Strand NH, Mehta P, Lam CM, Tieppo Francio V, Sheth S, Giuffrida A, Durkin B, Khatri N, Vodapally S, James CO, Westerhaus BD, Rupp A, Abdullah NM, Amirdelfan K, Petersen EA, Beall DP, Deer TR

Journal of Pain Research 2022, 15:2801-2819

Published Date: 14 September 2022