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Papers published by Prof. Dr. Georgios Labiris:

Premium Monovision versus Bilateral Myopic Monovision, Hybrid Monovision and Bilateral Trifocal Implantation: A Comparative Study

Labiris G, Panagiotopoulou EK, Perente A, Ntonti P, Delibasis K, Fotiadis I, Konstantinidis A, Dardabounis D

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:619-629

Published Date: 4 March 2022

Lighting Standards Revisited: Introduction of a Mathematical Model for the Assessment of the Impact of Illuminance on Visual Acuity

Labiris G, Panagiotopoulou EK, Taliantzis S, Perente A, Delibasis K, Doulos LT

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:4553-4564

Published Date: 28 November 2021

Development and Validation of a Web-Based Reading Test for Normal and Low Vision Patients

Labiris G, Panagiotopoulou EK, Duzha E, Tzinava M, Perente A, Konstantinidis A, Delibasis K

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:3915-3929

Published Date: 22 September 2021

Impact of light conditions on reading ability following multifocal pseudophakic corrections

Labiris G, Ntonti P, Panagiotopoulou EK, Konstantinidis A, Gkika M, Dardabounis D, Perente I, Sideroudi H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2018, 12:2639-2646

Published Date: 14 December 2018

Retrobulbar hemodynamics and aqueous humor levels of endothelin-1 in exfoliation syndrome and exfoliation glaucoma

Koukoula SC, Katsanos A, Tentes IK, Labiris G, Kozobolis VP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2018, 12:1199-1204

Published Date: 2 July 2018

Comparison of the biometric measurements calculated with Zeiss IOL-Master and WaveLight OB-820

Labiris G, Ntonti P, Ntitsos K, Katsanos A, Sideroudi H, Kozobolis V

Clinical Ophthalmology 2017, 11:753-758

Published Date: 21 April 2017

Impact of corneal cross-linking combined with photorefractive keratectomy on blurring strength

Labiris G, Sideroudi H, Angelonias D, Georgantzoglou K, Kozobolis VP

Clinical Ophthalmology 2016, 10:571-576

Published Date: 1 April 2016