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Papers published by Dr Nisa Silva:

Evaluation of Functional Vision and Eye-Related Quality of Life in Children with Strabismus

Silva N, Castro C, Caiado F, Maia S, Miranda V, Parreira R, Menéres P

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:803-813

Published Date: 15 March 2022

Corneal Biomechanics for Ocular Hypertension, Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma, and Amyloidotic Glaucoma: A Comparative Study by Corvis ST

Silva N, Ferreira A, Baptista PM, Figueiredo A, Reis R, Sampaio I, Beirão J, Vinciguerra R, Menéres P, Menéres MJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:71-83

Published Date: 8 January 2022

Intrascleral Knotless Zigzag Suture Fixation of Four-Haptic Hydrophilic Acrylic Foldable IOL: Clinical Outcomes

Silva N, Ferreira A, Ferreira N, Pessoa B, Meireles A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:33-41

Published Date: 6 January 2022

Choroidal Blood Flow After Intravitreal Ranibizumab in Vitrectomized and Non-Vitrectomized Eyes with Diabetic Macular Edema

Pessoa B, Marques JH, Leite J, Silva N, José D, Coelho C, Figueira J, Meireles A, Melo-Beirão JN

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:4081-4090

Published Date: 9 October 2021

Inverted Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Technique: Is It the Best Option for Macular Holes?

Silva N, Ferreira A, Nawrocka (vel Michalewska) ZA, Meireles A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:3295-3303

Published Date: 8 August 2021

Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.19 mg Implant in Patients with Cystoid Macular Edema Due To Irvine–Gass Syndrome

Marques JH, Abreu AC, Silva N, Meireles A, Pessoa B, Melo Beirão J

International Medical Case Reports Journal 2021, 14:127-132

Published Date: 26 February 2021

Microperimetry as Part of Multimodal Assessment to Evaluate and Monitor Myopic Traction Maculopathy

Baptista PM, Silva N, Coelho J, José D, Almeida D, Meireles A

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:235-242

Published Date: 22 January 2021