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Papers published by Dr Jan Tijssen:

Risk Factors Analysis and Management of Cardiometabolic-Based Chronic Disease in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Dutt C, Nunes Salles JE, Joshi S, Nair T, Chowdhury S, Mithal A, Mohan V, Kasliwal R, Sharma S, Tijssen J, Tandon N

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy 2022, 15:451-465

Published Date: 16 February 2022

Effects on cardiovascular disease risk of a web-based health risk assessment with tailored health advice: a follow-up study

Ersen B Colkesen, Bart S Ferket, Jan GP Tijssen, et al

Vascular Health and Risk Management 2011, 7:67-74

Published Date: 9 February 2011