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Papers published by Dr Jose Manuel Olivares:

Psychiatrists' awareness of partial and nonadherence to antipsychotic medication in schizophrenia: results from an Asia–Pacific survey

Olivares JM, Thirunavukarasu M, Kulkarni J, Zang HY, Zhang M, Zhang F

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2013, 9:1163-1170

Published Date: 12 August 2013

Psychiatrists’ awareness of adherence to antipsychotic medication in patients with schizophrenia: results from a survey conducted across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Olivares JM, Alptekin K, Azorin JM, Cañas F, Dubois V, Emsley R, Gorwood P, Haddad PM, Naber D, Papageorgiou G, Roca M, Thomas P, Martinez G, Schreiner A

Patient Preference and Adherence 2013, 7:121-132

Published Date: 30 January 2013