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Professor Giorgio Colombo

Professor Giorgio Colombo

Scientific Director CEFAT - Center of Pharmaceuticals Economics and Medical Technologies Evaluation, Department of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy

Professor Colombo is an adjunct Professor at the University of Pavia - School of Pharmacy, and brings to his work a notable combination of academic theory and analytical practice. His experience in independent consultancy has seen him perform technological assessments and economic evaluations for pharmaceutical companies and Italian governmental authorities alike, while maintaining a highly active research portfolio.

Much of his recent research has focused on the economic evaluations of Drugs and Medical Device, showcasing his ability to bring together theoretical models with their social and business applications. Since graduating from the Catholic University of Milan, Professor Colombo has authored or co-authored about 150 scientific papers and three books in the fields of health economics and pharmacoeconomics research, as well as sitting on the editorial boards of several scientific peer review journals.

Updated 28 November 2023