Dr Bernard Binetruy


Dr Bernard Binetruy

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Dr Bernard Binetruy

Position: Research Director at Inserm (french governemental agency for medical research).

Track record:1980: Master in biochemistry and physiology at the University of Nice.1981-1988: PhD student (1981-1982), then INSERM researcher (1983-1988) at the Centre de Biochimie, Nice (scientifc director Dr F. Cuzin). My research was focused on the oncogenic properties of the Bovine Papilloma Virus type1 (BPV1) in rat embryo fibroblasts.

Publications: Nature, EMBO J., Virology, PNAS and Oncogene.

October 1982: Thèse de 3ème cycle and Nov. 1988: Thèse de doctorat d'état in microbiology, University of Nice.

December 1988-June 1991: post-doc fellow in the laboratory of Dr M. Karin, department of pharmacology, School of medicine, UCSD, La Jolla, USA. Fellowship of the Fogarty International Center. During my stay in San Diego I showed that the Ras oncogene augments cJun activity and stimulates phosphorylation of its activation domain and that oncogenic and transcriptional cooperation with Ha-Ras requires phosphorylation of cJun on serines 63 and 73. This work led to the identification and the characterisation, two years later, by the laboratory of M. Karin of the JNK signal transduction pathway.

Publications: two in Nature (one « full paper ») and two in Mol. Cell. Biol.

June 1991-September 1999: back in France, I started my own lab in Paris area in the Cancer Research Institute, CNRS, Villejuif. We developed a differential screening of a cDNA library to identify and then characterize c-Jun target genes.

Publications: EMBO J., Mol. Cell. Biol., Oncogene and Cell Growth & Diff.

October 1995: Research Director at Inserm.

September 1999-August 2005: I moved to Nice, Inserm U568 laboratory, Faculté de Médecine, Nice. In this new laboratory, I started a new research program focused on the analysis of the molecular mechanisms involved in the differentiation of mouse ES cells.

Publications: Oncogene, Biochem. J., CMLS, Diabetes and Stem Cells.

Since September 2005: I moved to Marseille, Inserm UMR626 laboratory, Faculté de Médecine Timone, Marseille. In this lab, I continue my research on the differentiation of ES cells.

From January 2008: I am the Director of the Institut de Physiopathologie Humaine de Marseille, IFR 125.