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Dr Michael A Ueberall

Dr Michael A Ueberall

Section: Musculoskeletal Pain/Rehabilitation AND Neuropathic Pain

Institute for Neurosciences, Algesiology and Pediatrics (IFNAP), Institute of Neurological Sciences, Nuernberg, Germany

Dr. Ueberall is associate professor for pediatrics and pediatric neurology at the University Erlangen, Germany. He is a board certified pain specialists, works as medical director of the private Institute of Neurological Sciences, Algesiology and Pediatrics (IFNAP) and chairs the Center of Excellence for Health Care Research of the German Pain Association in Nuernberg, Germany. Dr. Ueberall is president of the German Pain League (Europe’s largest umbrella organization for patients suffering from chronic pain) since 2012 and Vice-President of the German Pain Association (Europe’s largest organization of pain practitioners) since 2003.

Updated 21 September 2023