Professor Don Diamond


Professor Don Diamond

Editor-in-Chief: Don Diamond

Don Diamond, PhD, is the Director of the Division of Translational Vaccine Research at City of Hope and is responsible for a multi-disciplinary laboratory comprised of 15 faculty, physicians, fellows, technicians, and graduate students. Annually, the laboratory is supported by multiple grant mechanisms including funding from the NCI, NIAID, and foundations.

Dr. Diamond's expertise is sought after by many federal agencies, as he sits on an average of three grant advisory panels yearly, and is requested for many more. These panels include both infectious disease and cancer specialties. He is considered a leading expert in vaccines for infectious disease including HIV, CMV, HCV, influenza, and emerging pandemic pathogens.

Dr. Diamond is a Consultant to AIBS, and has reviewed the US DOD HIV program on multiple occasions and is currently a standing member of the Concern Foundation grants panel. He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, received 18 US patents, and additional patents pending.

Dr. Diamond was a permanent member and Chair of the NIH chartered Study Section "VMD". He has conducted and completed vaccine trials in cytomegalovirus and is currently sponsoring a vaccine trial in the oncology space. He has recently received a 5 year NCI award to conduct clinical trials utilizing a 2nd generation molecular CMV vaccine in stem cell transplant recipients. Additional NIAID funding supports development of a human CMV vaccine to prevent congenital infection. His current portfolio has expanded to include salmonella delivery of cancer vaccines and RNA silencing plasmids, which is scheduled to receive NCI funding in the summer of 2013, to develop an oncologic therapeutic to control the progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Dr. Diamond is the principal investigator on four separate currently NIH funded projects and throughout his career has received in excess of 35 million dollars from federal and private foundation sources.