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Nanopillar array structures for enhancing biosensing performance

Authors Venkataramani Anandan, Yeswanth L Rao, Guigen Zhang

Published 15 March 2006 Volume 2006:1(1) Pages 73—79

Venkataramani Anandan1, Yeswanth L Rao1, Guigen Zhang1,2,3

1Micro/Nano Bioengineering Lab, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, 2Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, 3Faculty of Engineering, University of Georgia, GA, USA

Abstract: Fabrication of metallic nanopillar array structures and their application as electrodes in electrochemical-based biosensors are discussed in this report. Vertically standing nanopillar array structures were fabricated using an electrodeposition technique and their electrochemical characteristics were evaluated. For possible use in biosensing applications, these standing nanopillars should have sufficient mechanical stability to sustain the capillary forces caused by the nanopillar – liquid interactions in aqueous environment and should provide increased signal response in an electrochemical process. Our results showed that the developed nanopillar arrays were mechanically stable in aqueous environments and the nanostructured electrodes exhibited increased electrochemical response compared with flat electrodes.

Keywords: nanopillar array structures, nanostructured electrodes, mechanical stability, electrochemical process, biosensors, porous anodic alumina