Medical Director


Dr Scott Fraser is a Consultant in the North East of the UK. He has been in full time clinical practice for over 20 years as well as having an active research interest.

He is Visiting Professor at the University of Sunderland, Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Lecturer at the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Teesside. 

His main interests are in the communication of medical information – both written and electronic. This involves both a practical and research interest in Medical Journals with a particular passion for the Open Access movement. He is an editor or assistant editor of 6 biomedical journals and a member of 12 journal editorial boards. He has authored over 50 peer reviewed papers and numerous conference presentations as well as being a peer reviewer for 16 journals. Not only is he interested in the dissemination of information but also its quality. To this end he is active in the Cochrane Collaboration and other evidence based medicine initiatives.

He is President of the Society for Clinical Ophthalmology. This is a non-profit organisation set up to provide high quality information to its members. Currently this group has over 500 members and is growing rapidly. He is also involved in the UK Department of Health e-learning for health project. This is an award winning e-learning programme providing national, quality assured online training content for the healthcare profession.

Updated 29 April 2024