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Glass syringes are better than plastic for preserving arterial blood gas for oxygen partial pressure determination: an explanation based on nanomaterial composition

Authors Viroj Wiwanitkit

Published 15 June 2006 Volume 2006:1(2) Pages 223—224

Viroj Wiwanitkit

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Blood gas analysis is a basic and useful laboratory test for the critical care of patients (Wiwanitkit 1999; Barthwal 2004). Arterial blood gas analysis is an essential investigation for assessing clinical oxygenation and acid-base status in critically ill patients (Wiwanitkit 1999; Barthwal 2004), providing information about ventilation, oxygenation, and acid-base status, the three closely interrelated physiological parameters that maintain pH homeostasis. The correct interpretation and application of arterial blood gas analysis requires knowledge of basic applied physiology in relation to these parameters (Wiwanitkit 1999; Barthwal 2004). Quality control of blood gas analysis is therefore important. In general, this quality control should follow the basic principles of good laboratory practice, namely, pre-analytical, focusing on proper specimen collection, handling, and transportation; analytical, focusing on internal quality control and external quality assessment; and post-analytical, comprising good validation and interpretation (Wiwanitkit 1999).