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Editorial: Projections for nanomedicine into the next decade: But is it all about pharmaceuticals? ||FREE PAPER||

Authors Thomas J Webster

Published 7 March 2008 Volume 2008:3(1)

Thomas J Webster

Divisions of Engineering and Orthopedics, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

It is clear that many “think tanks” have projected high growth for nanomedicine in the coming decades (Visiongain 2006). But ask yourself this question: In what commercial areas will nanomedicine make the largest impact? Are there any hidden nanomedicine technologies yet untapped? Most people following this field will say pharmaceuticals (or the more effective delivery of drugs) will constitute the largest commercial growth and the most revenues in nanomedicine for the next decade. However, please do not forget the impact that nanomaterials are having on redesigning biomedical devices used for imagining and diagnostics (simultaneously), tissue reconstruction, molecular assembly (for which many believe is the “Holy Grail” of nanomedicine), high resolution microscopy, nanopores to detect single molecules, immunohistochemistry, DNA detection, RNA-based drug delivery, lab-on-a-chip incorporating micro and nanofluidics, nanobiosensors, and the list goes on.