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Papers published by Dr Justin H Townsend:

Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Retained Lens Fragments After Cataract Surgery: Outcomes Based on Timing of Surgery

Rohowetz LJ, Jabbehdari S, Yannuzzi NA, Sridhar J, Smiddy WE, Berrocal AM, Albini TA, Townsend JH, Fortun JA, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2023, 17:479-485

Published Date: 1 February 2023

Outcomes in Patients with Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage After Anterior Segment Surgery

Fan J, Hudson JL, Pakravan P, Lazzarini TA, Lin BR, Fan KC, Yannuzzi NA, Sridhar J, Townsend JH, Berrocal AM, Smiddy WE, Vanner EA, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:4199-4205

Published Date: 15 December 2022

Return to the Operating Room After Repair of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

Staropoli PC, Brown K, Townsend JH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:1391-1399

Published Date: 3 May 2022

Refractive Outcomes of Four-Point Scleral Fixation of Akreos AO60 Intraocular Lens Using Gore-Tex Suture

Patel NA, Fan KC, Yannuzzi NA, Fortun JA, Haddock LJ, Yoo SH, Persad PJ, Vanner EA, Read SP, Williams BK Jnr, Sridhar J, Albini TA, Flynn HW Jnr, Donaldson K, Townsend JH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:4431-4437

Published Date: 21 December 2020

Pars Plana Vitrectomy Reoperations for Complications of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Al-khersan H, Venincasa MJ, Kloosterboer A, Sridhar J, Smiddy WE, Townsend JH, Flynn HW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:1559-1563

Published Date: 10 June 2020

Surgical Outcomes Of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment In Young Adults Ages 18–30 Years

Brown K, Yannuzzi NA, Callaway NF, Patel NA, Relhan N, Albini TA, Berrocal AM, Davis JL, Fortun JA, Smiddy WE, Sridhar J, Flynn Jr HW, Townsend JH

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:2135-2141

Published Date: 31 October 2019

Giant retinal tears: clinical features and outcomes of vitreoretinal surgery at a university teaching hospital (2011–2017)

Rodriguez M, Lin J, Townsend JH, Smiddy WE, Albini TA, Berrocal AM, Sridhar J, Flynn Jr HW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2018, 12:2053-2058

Published Date: 12 October 2018