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Papers published by Miss Yi Zhong:

Role of Surface Charge of Nanoscale Ultrasound Contrast Agents in Complement Activation and Phagocytosis

Zhou J, Xiang H, Huang J, Zhong Y, Zhu X, Xu J, Lu Q, Gao B, Zhang H, Yang R, Luo Y, Yan F

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2022, 17:5933-5946

Published Date: 5 December 2022

Co-Administration Of iRGD Enhances Tumor-Targeted Delivery And Anti-Tumor Effects Of Paclitaxel-Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles For Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Zhong Y, Su T, Shi Q, Feng Y, Tao Z, Huang Q, Li L, Hu L, Li S, Tan H, Liu S, Yang H

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2019, 14:8543-8560

Published Date: 1 November 2019