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Papers published by Dr Hidehiro Oku:

Periocular injection of candesartan-PLGA microparticles inhibits laser-induced experimental choroidal neovascularization

Okuda Y, Fukumoto M, Horie T, Oku H, Takai S, Nakanishi T, Matsuzaki K, Tsujimoto H, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:87-93

Published Date: 31 December 2018

C-reactive protein may be useful to differentiate idiopathic orbital inflammation and orbital cellulitis in cases with acute eyelid erythema and edema

Nishikawa Y, Oku H, Tonari M, Matsuo J, Sugasawa J, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2018, 12:1149-1153

Published Date: 26 June 2018

Long-term evaluation of spontaneous release of epiretinal membrane and its possible pathogenesis

Kida T, Morishita S, Fukumoto M, Sato T, Oku H, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2017, 11:1607-1610

Published Date: 1 September 2017

The role of tryptase and anti-type II collagen antibodies in the pathogenesis of idiopathic epiretinal membranes

Ikeda T, Nakamura K, Oku H, Morishita S, Fukumoto M, Suzuki H, Kida T, Horie T, Sugiyama T, Takai S

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:1181-1186

Published Date: 29 June 2015

Vitreous estrogen levels in patients with an idiopathic macular hole

Inokuchi N, Ikeda T, Nakamura K, Morishita S, Fukumoto M, Kida T, Oku H

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:549-552

Published Date: 20 March 2015

Treatment of systemic hypertension is important for improvement of macular edema associated with retinal vein occlusion

Kida T, Morishita S, Kakurai K, Suzuki H, Oku H, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:955-958

Published Date: 16 May 2014

Orbital apex syndrome associated with herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Kurimoto T, Tonari M, Ishizaki N, Monta M, Hirata S, Oku H, Sugasawa J, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:1603-1608

Published Date: 9 November 2011

Central retinal artery occlusion resembling Purtscher-like retinopathy

Kurimoto T, Okamoto N, Oku H, Kanbara Y, Etomi T, Tonari M, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:1083-1088

Published Date: 4 August 2011

A case of eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis associated with optic neuropathy

Kurimoto T, Tonari M, Ishizaki N, Matsuo J, Oku H, Sugasawa J, Ikeda T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:853-856

Published Date: 23 June 2011

Transcorneal electrical stimulation increases chorioretinal blood flow in normal human subjects

Takuji Kurimoto, Shinichirou Oono, Hidehiro Oku, et al

Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:1441-1446

Published Date: 6 December 2010